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Nayiri Projects
Realizing that the Western Armenian language is now definitely endangered (as classified by UNESCO) the Nayiri Institute has decided to create the essential tools for its survival and to give them away for free. With this end in mind, Nayiri has two software projects now in development:
  1. Spell-checker for Western Armenian
  2. Electronic Armenian dictionaries for the Web

Both projects will be freely downloadable, usable for any purpose, and their source code made available.

To promote the creation and free distribution of these essential tools, please consider making a donation.

Screenshot of OpenOffice Writer spell-checking in Armenian, along with French and English


The spell-checker will be in Western Armenian using traditional (Mashdotsian) Armenian orthography. It will be integrated with the OpenOffice productivity suite and the Mozilla Firefox web browser, ensuring that none of your text documents, presentations, emails, or Facebook messages contain spelling errors in Armenian ever again!

Screenshot of Mozilla Firefox spell-checking an email written in Armenian

Both OpenOffice and Firefox are free and are available for any platform (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) making the spell-checker accessible to anyone with a computer.

It will be possible to extend the spell-checker to Eastern Armenian at a future time.


Electronic dictionaries

Since 2005, Nayiri.com has provided the first free electronic Armenian dictionary on the web.

In January 2011, we added Mesrob Kouyoumdjian's A Comprehensive English-Armenian Dictionary which contains more than 96,000 words. In December 2011 we added Haroutioun Kurkdjian French-Armenian dictionary and Krikor Chahinian's Armenian-French dictionary.

In January 2012, we presented Stephan Malkhasiants' 4-volume classic work — the Armenian Explanatory Dictionary — in its entirety using a novel user interface (the Imaged Dictionary Browser) which makes the dictionary searchable by headword.

In March 2012, we added Hrachia Ajarian's seminal 4-volume Armenian Etymological Dictionary as an Imaged Dictionary.

In May 2012, the Imaged Dictionaries were expanded to include two important works in the reformed Armenian orthography: Edward Aghayan's 2-volume Modern Armenian Explanatory Dictionary and Ashot Sukiasyan's Armenian Language Thesaurus. The search feature now incorporates an orthography converter which detects the orthography of the searched word and, if necessary, performs a conversion to match the orthography of the dictionary being searched.

In July 2012, after over a year of work, we added the digitized version of Mesrob Kouyoumdjian's A Comprehensive Dictionary Armenian-English which contains about 70,000 entries.

In August 2012, the 2-volume New Dictionary of the Armenian Language (Beirut, 1992) — the most notable Western Armenian explanatory dictionary — was added to the site as an Imaged Dictionary.

In January 2013, the 4-volume Explanatory Dictionary of Contemporary Armenian (published by the Armenian SSR Academy of Sciences between 1969 and 1980) was added to the site as an Imaged Dictionary. The dictionary is the most comprehensive Eastern Armenian dictionary in the reformed orthography.

Now we are expanding on this service by creating electronic versions of other essential dictionaries that Armenian speakers need:

  • explanatory dictionaries in Western Armenian
  • explanatory dictionaries in Eastern Armenian
  • an Armenian thesaurus