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 Electronic Armenian dictionaries

The need

Free electronic dictionaries for English and many other languages have become so widespread in recent years that most people take them for granted. Unfortunately, this is not the situation for the Armenian language.

The lack of high-quality and freely available bilingual and explanatory Armenian dictionaries is accelerating the process of disuse of the Armenian language among the 5-million-member Armenian diaspora. Inside the Republic of Armenia, such dictionaries can accelerate the learning of foreign languages by the new generation, and can ensure the proper teaching and usage of the native language.

The solution

Screenshot demonstrating the spell-checking ability of the electronic dictionary
In 2005, Nayiri.com launched the first explanatory Armenian electronic dictionary, together with spell-checking, stemming, and a virtual Armenian keyboard. Today, the Nayiri Institute is actively pursuing the digitization of the other key Armenian dictionaries, and again placing them on the web for free usage. The two categories of dictionaries being digitized are:
  1. Bilingual Armenian dictionaries
  2. Explanatory dictionaries in Armenian
Each electronic dictionary will have the following features:
  • Searchable
  • Spell-checking
  • Stemming
  • Virtual keyboard (allows user to start typing in Armenian right away with no configuration)
  • Downloadable for free to use for any purpose! (This will be very useful to linguists and academics.)

Screenshot showing the virtual Armenian keyboard of the electronic dictionary

Bilingual dictionaries

Given that English and French are the two most dominant languages in North America and Western Europe (where a large portion of the global Armenian population resides) our first priority is the digitization of one high-quality dictionary for each of the following classes of bilingual dictionaries:The target dictionary to be digitized has been carefully selected for each dictionary class. Other languages will likely follow in the future, and can be prioritized by request of the sponsor.

Explanatory Armenian dictionaries

In 2005, we completed digitizing Antranig Rev. Granian's 17,500 word Armenian dictionary (ԲԱՌԳԻՐՔ ՀԱՅԵՐԷՆ ԼԵԶՈՒԻ) and presented it as a searchable dictionary on Nayiri.com. While this dictionary is a good companion at the elementary and high school level, a more sophisticated dictionary is required by readers and academics in need of an explanatory (բացատրական) dictionary.

We propose:

  1. the digitization of two Western Armenian explanatory dictionaries of about 60,000 words each (sponsorship needed!)
  2. the digitization of an Eastern Armenian explanatory dictionary of about 110,000 words. (sponsorship needed!)


How you can help

We now appeal to the global Armenian community and the the Government of the Republic of Armenia to sponsor the digitization of:
  1. two Western Armenian explanatory dictionaries (~ 60,000 words each): Հայոց Լեզուի Նոր Բառարան (Beirut, 1992) and Հայերէն Աշխարհաբար Լեզուի Լիակատար Բառարան (Aleppo, 1954).
  2. an Eastern Armenian explanatory dictionary (~ 110,000 words): Հայերէն Բացատրական Բառարան (Yerevan, 1943).
  3. a Western Armenian thesaurus (~ 16,000 words): Բառարան Գանձարան Հայերէն Լեզուի (Cairo, 1938).

Become a sponsor by adopting a dictionary today! Time is of the essence!