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Dialectal and Idiomatic

Classical Armenian


Plant names

ւ, Ւ (yune) The thirty fourth letter of the Armenian alphabet, sometimes vowel and sometimes consonant; seven thousand, seven thousandth.

Ւ adjective Seven thousand.

Ւ conjunction And.

Source: Mesrob G. Kouyoumdjian, A Comprehensive Dictionary Armenian-English. Beirut: Atlas Press (1970): p. 834 View page image
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consonant spirante, labio-velar §1d, §3c (աւ, եւ, իւ) §10, §39j (ւոյ); There are no words beginning with Ւ
numeric value = 7000

Source: Fr. S. L. Kogian, Armenian-English Vocabulary. Vienna: Mechitarist Press (1949): p. 376 View page image
This electronic dictionary has been sponsored by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.