Nayiri About
 Nayiri Library of Electronic Armenian Dictionaries is a library of electronic Armenian dictionaries. The site has its roots as a Western Armenian dictionary with integrated spell checker, word stemmer, and virtual keyboard.

Over the years, the site has grown to incorporate Eastern Armenian as well as bilingual Armenian dictionaries.


If you misspell a word, most of the time Nayiri will find the word you really meant, or at least make a few suggestions. For example, if you search թրջուն, Nayiri will suggest թռչուն.

Also, when applicable, Nayiri will list homonyms of the word you entered. For example, if you look up դար, Nayiri lists թառ as well as տար and տառ (close homonyms).


Nayiri's built-in stemmer accepts inflected forms of a word. For example, if you search for the noun կատուներուս ("to my cats"), Nayiri finds կատու, the canonical form of the word. Also, if you search for the verb կարդացինք ("we read", past perfect tense), Nayiri finds կարդալ ("to read").

Virtual Armenian keyboard

A virtual Armenian keyboard makes it easy to type in Armenian without any configuration of your operating system (which can be complicated!).

The virtual keyboard offers you the choice of using your preferred Armenian keyboard layout:

Armenian Western (default)

Armenian Eastern

Armenian Phonetic

Armenian Typewriter

The former two are nearly identical to the keyboard layouts shipped with Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux; the latter two ship with the Armenian NLS package.