Nayiri Fonts for the Armenian Script
 Fonts for the Armenian Script

The following Unicode fonts implement the Armenian character set.

Download all fonts (8.6 MB)

Alternatively, you may download fonts individually from below:

Font name Sample Download
Arian AMU Arian AMU
Download Arian AMU
Arian AMU Serif Arian AMU Serif
Download Arian AMU Serif
Arian Grqi Arian Grqi
Download Arian Grqi
Arm Helv Arm Helv
Download Arm Helv
Armguard Armguard
Download Armguard
Arti-Regular Arti-Regular
Download Arti-Regular
DejaVu Sans DejaVu Sans
Download DejaVu Sans
DejaVu Sans Mono DejaVu Sans Mono
Download DejaVu Sans Mono
DejaVu Serif DejaVu Serif
Download DejaVu Serif
GHEA Grapalat GHEA Grapalat
Download GHEA Grapalat
GHEA Mariam GHEA Mariam
Download GHEA Mariam
Hianali Hianali
Download Hianali
Mshtakan Mshtakan
Download Mshtakan
NorKirk NorKirk
Download NorKirk
Shatrvan Shatrvan
Download Shatrvan
SosGro SosGro
Download SosGro
SosNof SosNof
Download SosNof
SosStm SosStm
Download SosStm
Sylfaen Sylfaen
Download Sylfaen
TITUS Cyberbit Basic TITUS Cyberbit Basic
Download TITUS Cyberbit Basic