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Nayiri Armenian Spellcheckers
 Armenian Spellchecker for Google Chrome

Google Chrome on the desktop now ships with an Armenian spellchecker based on HySpell.

This allows you to spellcheck Armenian text as you type in any website.

Fast and intuitive interface

Unrecognized words are underlined in red. To correct one, right-click on the word and select from the menu options.

Comprehensive Armenian lexicon

Over 150,000 lexemes and over 5 million inflected word forms cover virtually the entire breadth of the Armenian language.

Eastern and Western Armenian

The inflectional rules of both Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian dialects are incorporated.

Whether you write «Սիրում եմ քեզ» or «Կը սիրեմ քեզ», «Երեւանում եմ» or «Երեւանի մեջ եմ», HySpell will recognize both.

Reformed Armenian Orthography only

Currently, Google Chrome supports reformed Armenian orthography, the spelling system that is widely used in the Republic of Armenia.

We hope that Google will choose to support traditional Armenian orthography (used in the Armenian Diaspora) in the future.

If you require traditional orthography, we recommend HySpell for Firefox.

Spellcheck anywhere

From status updates on Facebook to messages on Facebook Messenger, to writing an email on Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or Outlook.com, to editing a Wikipedia article... You won't have to worry about misspelling Armenian text again.

Extensible dictionary

Add a new word to the dictionary by right-clicking the unrecognized word and selecting Add to dictionary.

Supported on Windows and Linux

The Armenian spellchecker for Google Chrome is currently supported on Windows and Linux desktop platforms.

Note that Google Chrome on macOS uses the system spellchecker provided by the operating system; as such, the Armenian spellchecker for Google Chrome is not yet supported on macOS. Instead, on macOS you may use HySpell for Firefox, Thunderbird, or LibreOffice.

See also

For configuration instructions, see the Config Guide.

For usage instructions, see the User Guide.

The Armenian spellchecker for Google Chrome has been sponsored in part by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation