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 HySpell Armenian Spell-checker for Firefox

Price: free

Introducing the most comprehensive Armenian spell-checker in the world – the HySpell Armenian Spell-checker for Firefox.

Jointly produced by Nayiri.com and HySpell, the spell-checker works with the popular and free Firefox web browser, allowing you to correct all of your Armenian writings across the World Wide Web of applications.

From writing to your friends on Facebook... To writing an email to your parents on Gmail... To drafting your research paper on Google Docs... You will never have to worry about misspelling Armenian text again! Impressing both your friends and colleagues alike, it gives your work the level of professionalism that your audience expects from it.

Fast and familiar interface

The spell-checker is easy to use and works as you expect: it instantly flags misspelled words by underlining them in red; to correct the misspelling, right-click the word and select the word you intended from the list of suggestions that pops up.

Comprehensive Armenian lexicon

The HySpell lexicon incorporates over 150,000 lexemes (resulting in over 5 million word forms) covering the entire breadth of the Armenian vocabulary. It is based on the seminal works of Stepan Malkhasiants and Eduard Aghayan.

Supports both Eastern and Western Armenian dialects

HySpell incorporates the morphological and syntactical rules of both the Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian dialects. Whether you write «Ես սիրում եմ» or «Ես կը սիրեմ», «Երեւանում» or «Երեւանի մէջ», HySpell will spell-check both just the same! Your text can even be written using both dialects simultaneously.

Works with the most popular Web applications

The spell-checker provides the same easy-to-use interface on any web application, and has been tested with the most popular webmail sites, blogs, and social networking sites. These include Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Blogspot, and Google Docs.
Yahoo! MailHotmailFacebookBlogspot

Converts Reformed Armenian spelling to Traditional

Return to your roots! No more excuses for not writing in the traditional Armenian orthography! If you were trained in the Reformed Armenian orthography that was created under Soviet Armenia, you can now easily write in the traditional orthography as intended by Mashtots. Simply right-click a word spelled in reformed orthography, and select its traditional spelling.

Extensible dictionary

Did you enter a name that wasn't recognized? No problem. You can add new words to the dictionary by simply right-clicking the unrecognized word and selecting “Add to Dictionary.” While HySpell comes built-in with the most common Armenian names, it's inevitable that some names – like foreign names – will not be recognized.

Spell-checking an email with HySpell inside Mozilla Thunderbird

Works with Mozilla Thunderbird, too!

The HySpell Armenian spell-checker also works with the popular cross-platform email client Mozilla Thunderbird, allowing you to spell-check your non-webmail, rich-text emails written in Armenian. Thunderbird has email functionality comparable to Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail. It can be downloaded for free from the Mozilla website.

Supported on all platforms

The spell-checker is compatible with all platforms that support Firefox, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Version with Soviet Armenian Orthography

HySpell also now supports the reformed orthography established during the early years of Soviet Armenia. Make sure to select the version of HySpell that is right for you during download: Classical (Mesrobian) spelling, or Reformed (Soviet) spelling.